Dance Without Limitations



Close your eyes. Begin the ‘Breath of Fire’. Relax and let your body move to the melody of the flute and the rhythm of the drums. Let go. The dancer disappears and you become the dance… and your soul travels, absent of the limitation of time and space.

Trance Dance is a unique blend of dance, healing melodies, dynamic percussive rhythms, a breathing technique and the use of a blindfold – together stimulating a “trance” state that promotes spiritual awakening, mental clarity, physical stamina and emotional wellbeing.

Enter the world of the spirit, voyage beyond time and space; experience the ecstasy of spiritual wholeness. Trance dance as shamans and indigenous peoples have for thousands of years.


This night we will have a special guest – Sabia Janiak – a Depth Cellular Music Therapist, composer, multi-instrumentalist with acute sensitivity in working with dance and ritual.

His approach investigates the phenomenon of vibration, sound and light in body mind and spirit using bio-acoustics, cymatics, physics, epigenetics, neuroscience and ancient cultural knowledge about sound and colour including mystic and shamanic traditions.

We truly believe in the healing power of movement and sound and are delighted to come together for a unique Ritual Trance Dance.

Join us is time to celebrate and honour yourself and the gift of being alive.


Dancing is one of the great pleasures of life, a true gift when done naturally absent of the need to control and guide movement. When we dance beyond any expected form or style we spontaneously create the dance by exploring and releasing our natural flow of feelings. By Trance Dancing we actually move our consciousness into spontaneous healing –spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.
– Frank Natale, aka “Professor Trance”

During the Trance Dance Ritual you will:

1 Choose an intention for the Ritual, which mentally prepares participants and focuses on the specific aspect of life that the dancer wishes to illuminate.

Fire breathing, which energizes the body and opens the dancer to a broader spiritual experience.

3 Dance to various rhythms and melodies specifically created for this Trance Dance Ritual.

4 Recover by resting in a prone position. It is during this phase of the ritual that significant ‘inner wisdom’ is witnessed, as well as the deep integration of the original intent of the Trance Dance journey.

For Maria dance has not only become a practice but a way of living, her greatest medicine, teacher and a path for self- discovery and balance. For the past years Maria has been sharing the transformative power of Trance Dance Ritual in London, Bristol – Spirit Fest, Switzerland and Berlin.

Maria is a professional dancer and Ritual Trance Dance facilitator. As a professional dancer, Maria started to question how does dance influence the self, can it be healing? This quest evolved into a dissertation, ‘Spirituality & Dance’ where she has looked into ancient and contemporary forms of spiritual dances such as the Shamanic Ritual Dances, the Whirling Dervishes and Osho Active Meditations in parallel to being a dancer in this century. Maria has got a wide experience in working with the body & mind and is exited to provide a safe space for you to explore and evolve.

“I believe every human being has a power within them waiting to be ignited and I am happy to hold a safe space where you can encounter, manifest and expand through the sacred dance”


Dance Without Limitations

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Quinta Da Calma opened its doors over 35 years ago as one of the first ever yoga and holistic health retreats in Europe. The host, Sylta Kalmbach, was a pioneer in the world of wellness by showing her guests how they could heal themselves through the food they ate and by leading a healthy lifestyle.

Located within 20 acres of untouched nature and beautiful umbrella pine trees. A place to relax and connect with nature, only a 15m drive from the Faro Airport and the stunning white sand beaches of the Algarve.

Quinta da Calma
Almancil – Algarve – Portugal

Breathe… let go, become the Dance Of Life!

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15 August 2019

THURSDAY 19H45 to 22H30



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