One to One sessions are a space for you! Only for you! They are 1h30 long meetings with a professional therapist where you will have a safe and confidential space to work on yourself in a profound way.

Is there something in your life that you have been carrying and are ready to shine a light on it? Is there something you touched in a retreat and you want to look into it deeper? Are you ready to take one more step in the journey towards your authentic self?

In these individual sessions you have the unique opportunity to focus on your own personal history in an honest and loving way. You will supported and guided to open the doors inside yourself you have been holding and with this opening encounter new possibilities. The path to healing and resolution of any situation in life inevitably passes though discovering the truth about it, the root of it. Many times we are not even aware of these unconscious patterns and behaviours. A one to one session is like placing a magnifying glass on yourself where you are supported to see what really is going on and given tools and support, dissolve and breakthrough to a new light and onlook on your life.

At Injoy we believe each human being is unique and holds within the potential and capacity for their own healing and evolution. This is the quality and committment that each therapist brings in their sessions. They hold a space for you that is safe and honest and where they mirror this potential and capability in you. You are your own healer. You will simply be supported to see that. You hold your own individual truth inside you. One to one sessions will help you see that.

Only when you question yourself with authentic surrender will you have the solutions which you can truly integrate into your life. These answers come from the most sacred essence of your being, they will bring you the courage to live each solution met by your soul – to live the life you want, how you want, in freedom and wholeness.

One to one sessions have proven to be enormously efficient in addressing sensitive questions which are of great importance to the life of each one of us. To arrive at these questions and be able to deal with them effectively making long lasting changes in the body, mind and soul, we recommend a minimum of 6 sessions. Only continuous work allows for the liberation of negative, damaging and emotionally repressed behaviour patterns, to give space to an actual change in the body and mind.

A space and time just for you. All one to one sessions are held either in presence or in a Skype call if you are traveling or if you are from a different country. The frequency and length of the sessions can be set according to your needs and schedule.


Beyond personal awareness and growth you will enjoy permanent and positive shifts in the quality of your life:

The confidence and passion you bring to life
The depth and authenticity of your relationships
To utilize your talents and abilities more constructively
To recognise positive change you create in the world
To love & experience true fulfillment in your life

Results are immediate and tangible as well as sustainable:

Feeling more alive in the body, and allowing this aliveness spontaneous expression
An unburdening of old emotional baggage, leading to a feeling of lightness
Freer and more pleasurable sexuality and sensuality
More love, joy, trust, and laughter
Expanded capacity to feel and express emotions
A more relaxed, more loose body


We use different techniques and therapies to support you in your awakening process :

Healing Breath
Emotional expression
Body awareness
Stress and trauma release
Meditation and mindfulness techniques

We believe that each person is a unique being and that has within it the potential and the capacity for its own evolution .The individual sessions are unique opportunities for developing a very deep personal work, capable of opening the path to develop this potential. In these sessions, the Injoy therapists will support, in a professional and complete way, a process which is completely focused on your personal development and awakening.

Kalid is a spiritual seeker and innovative therapist that dedicates himself to inspiring lives worldwide.

Combining the teachings of ancient healing rituals with contemporary therapeutic techniques for spiritual and personal growth, his workshops are inspiring, passionate and empowering and are attended by people from all walks of life. His journey of self-discovery took him to study, learn and practice with many gifted teachers and healers all over world. With the intention of supporting those searching to awaken to their fullest potential, Kalid generously shares all he has learnt over the years with everyone that crosses his path.




Villa Helena is an unique space , located in the heart of Lisbon.

An heaven of beauty and natural serenity that meets the conditions for healing to take place at all levels .

When the gates open , there is an encounter with nature , with a new dimension.

Villa Helena

Address: Travessa da Escola Araújo nº24
Lisbon – Portugal


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