Inspiring Lives

Our in-person Retreats & Experiences are, until the end of 2020, interrupted due to the pandemic situation. Consult the dates for 2021 in the calendar below.

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Our intention and determination is to motivate human growth encouraging our clients to live healthier and happier lives so they live to their fullest potential. Living with Totality. We dedicate ourselves intirely to inspiring lives worldwide.

Injoy Retreats and Experiences are a door for growth and improvement for people of all ages and all walks of life. We belive that all of us aspire to be “awake”. We must be encouraged to unleash this potential so that the limiting beliefs that stop us from following our dreams and live the life we have always dreamed of can dissolve.

We offer an enormous variety of experiences that open the possibility for transformation of your life through a journey towards yourself and your unlimited potential.

From one day events to unique ritual experiences, from 3 to 7 day retreats to weekend immersions or individual sessions we share our passion for celebration and mediation as a door to the expansion of the human soul.

We share creative and profound methods and walk by your side to unleash your true happiness and joy.

Injoy Retreats and Experiences focus on happiness, growth, abundance and cultivate our purpose of living with totality.


A manifesto for personal growth and radical transformation. A truly magical journey into the sacred realms of our existence.


A 7-Day personal growth Retreat, Path of Love is one of the most intensive and life-changing processes in the world today.


A sacred ritual of purification to rejuvenate your body, heart, mind and spirit within the womb of mother earth.


It's time for a reboot. Breathe deeply, practise yoga, eat healthy, connect with nature, relax and celebrate.


A space and time just for you with a professional therapist focused on your personal growth.