Event Production & Health Coach


Event Production & Health Coach

An Alchemist, creative by nature and cook by passion, is Health Coach certified by the Macrobiotic Institute of Portugal.

With a background in Management, She has focused her learning and exploration on healing foods for the past 5 years, looking at different ways in which the body manifests wellness and sickness, and the direct connections to our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being.

She experienced a deep journey with her own health and eating habits which ignited a commitment to expand her knowledge of healing processes and balanced nutrition, and this passionate quest grew into a profession and is being shared with compassion and love.


“I believe that the ability to nurture and heal ourselves lies within each one of us, we just need inspiration to get there.” – Padmini

In 2017 she founded ORINAM, a plant-based kitchen & well-being company that promotes the benefits of healthy, simple, natural and organic food.

Inspired by the transformed lives she had the privilege of witnessing in all retreats and experiences of Injoy, she is part of the event producers team.

Born in Lisbon, she currently lives in Algarve where she moved to seek a greater connection with nature, her daily inspiration for his alchemy in the kitchen.