Professional Dancer & Trance Dance Facilitator


Professional Dancer & Trance Dance Facilitator

Maria is a professional dancer and Ritual Trance Dance facilitator. As a professional dancer, Maria started to question how does dance influence the self,  can it be healing?

This quest evolved into a dissertation, ‘Spirituality & Dance’ where she has looked into ancient and contemporary forms of spiritual dances such as the Shamanic Ritual Dances, the Whirling Dervishes and Osho Active Meditations in parallel to being a dancer in this century.

“I believe every human being has a power within them waiting to be ignited and I am happy to hold a safe space where you can encounter, manifest and expand through the sacred dance.” – Maria

Maria has got a wide experience in working with the body & mind and is exited to provide a safe space for you to explore and evolve. 

Dance has not only become a practice but a way of living for her, the greatest medicine, teacher and medium for self- discovery and balance.

Maria has been sharing the transformative power of Trance Dance Ritual the past three years in London, Bristol -Spirit Fest, Switzerland and Berlin, and recently at INJOY.