Injoyer & Therapist


Injoyer & Therapist

Certified counsellor from Working with People Trainings, trained by Turiya Hanover and Rafia Morgan, founders of Path Retreats.

Since the beginning of his personal development journey, in 2010, he has held several certifications and workshops, such as Coaching, Somatic Psychotherapy – Biosynthesis, Awakening of Love, Path of Love, Osho Active Meditations and other processes in areas related to sports and body awareness and movement, tools that he uses in his work as a therapist.

Graduated in Civil Engineering and successful entrepreneur, he founded the Heartfulness® process, facilitates one-to-one and group sessions of Holistic Counselling, Relationship Counselling, Being ® meditations, and he is also Kalid’s assistant at INJOY.


“When we have the humbleness and courage to look inward and ask what is our responsibility for what has come our way in life, we open the door to resilience and transformation.”


Passionate about traveling, especially thru the East, the importance of living with  an open heart, in compassion and truth, are his strongest beliefs. In his daily life he chooses to be guided by his intuition and voice of the heart, which leads him ever further in the dance that is, to learn and to share with others in honesty and consciousness.

Kavi´s sessions are a safe space where everyone is invited to become aware of their patterns and origins, to know their truth and to know how to deal with themselves and with the world in a centered, honest and genuine way, searching for a daily happy way of living.

I have seen how it is possible and inspiring for people to regain their self-esteem, trust, and center. There is no better way to transform our life than from the inside out.