Costumer Care & Coach


Costumer Care & Coach

Master Reiki Trainer, Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Riding Instructor.

Disha was born in Lisbon, grew up near the sea and the elements and fell in love with the horses very early on, attracted by the incredible sensibility, nobility and connection of this animal.

Very young, she remembers riding on horseback, with her face and hair in the wind, hot sun on her skin, the land under the hooves, the long walks along the paths of Sintra, and slowly begin to unveil personal values and discover the first dreams.

On these trails she found Freedom and a greater purpose, deciding to embrace the Equinicultura course in College, maintaining since then, her life closely linked to Horse Riding.

“Life happens in one special moment: now.”

In recent years she has been blessed by the discovery of personal development, in the individual search for herself, in the path of Love and Consciousness. Disha attended several retreats, courses and workshops and is currently trained in Reiki by Mestre João Magalhães, President of the Portuguese Reiki Association, and graduated as a Master Practitioner in NLP by InPNL, International Institute of NLP.

She believes that life presents us challenges at the right moment, that we can grow and learn from these moments, that in balancing of contraction and expansion, in the dance between challenges and joys, we touch our soul and we envisage the possibility of finding peace, through gratitude, compassion and Love.

Disha currently offers individual sessions of Reiki and NLP, merging different approaches, techniques and methods, motivated and always inspired by human essence, healing, well-being, freedom and spirituality.