with Carmen Vicente

Since time immemorial, humans on earth have honored the light of the Moon and Stars; in this way, dances were performed at night on the entire surface of Mother Earth.

4 - 8 October 2023
Alentejo, Portugal

A four-night gathering around a sacred fire

Throughout time, the ancient tribes have created and worked with attentiveness to the wisdom of the ancestors in order to ensure the future of their descendants, and the evolution and transcendence of their culture.

This knowledge has been received and passed on for centuries. Newer generations have forgotten and ignored the existence of these secrets in their education and have lost the gifts of this heritage along the way.

The source is still within,

even if the knowledge of that power is not active in everyday consciousness.

Carmen Vicente, a unique, revered medicine woman from the Andes mountains, brings people together to revitalize the memory of the ancient cultures of the Earth, and to renew awareness of the relationship between Spirit and Life.

The Spirit Dance is a four-night gathering. During these nights, a dance is guided around a sacred fire and a dedicated altar. The dance is accompained by La Orquestra de los Continentes, a collaboration of professional artists and School of Secrets students, who come from different parts of the world. Together they will give a beautiful live music performance under the direction of Carmen.

Each night, the dance begins and ends with a temazcal ceremony. The Temazcal, also known as sweatlodge, is one of the most ancient ceremonies on Earth. A space to renew our vitality, purify our body and look after our health. Temazcal is a transformation ritual and, at the same time, a place where we go back to the very essence of our being, remembering who we are.

The intention of this dance is to come together, united as family, dancing for the stars and the visions, the individual and the collective, and to awaken ancestral memories. We feel honored and privileged to host this ancient sacred ceremony in Portugal for the very first time.

Carmen Vicente

Medicine Woman, Creator of the School of Secrets, Chief of Vision Quest, Sun and Spirit Dance.

Carmen Vicente is a revered Medicine Woman who has been sharing indigenous wisdom traditions around the globe for over 30 years. Natural from Ecuador, she is heir to a traditional spiritual lineage. Since birth, Carmen has been recognized by her community for her healing abilities. As a bearer of the sacred art of the altars, she has held countless ceremonial circles in Europe and the Americas.

She also dedicated herself to recovering the art of craft making with women’s organizations in marginal sectors of the country, such as jails and other vulnerable populations, education programs for indigenous and peasant children with UNICEF-UNESCO

Since 2004 she has led women gatherings in Ecuador, Chile, Colombia, United States, Australia, and Europe, sharing with them the path towards rediscovery of the origin of their power and their responsibilities in these times as birth givers of creation and guardians of the fire.

Currently, she regularly participates as speaker and lecturer in diverse festivals and educational events. She now leads various projects in South, Central, North America and Europe.

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The Venue & Accommodation


The wild nature and the abundant water make Herdade da Cortesia an oasis in the heart of Alentejo.

All rooms are extremely comfortable, with ensuite bathroom, and offer a unique view over the Alentejo landscape. A special place immersed in nature, that offers all the amenities for an incredible stay.

It is located 150km from Lisbon and 1km from the historic city of Avis.

What's included

An unforgetable and unique experience led by the revered medicine woman Carmen Vicente
  • 4 nights of spirit dance
  • 8 temazcal
  • 5 days and 4 nights at Herdade da Cortesia
  • 4 breakfasts, 4 lunches and 4 dinners

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Opening : Wednesday October 4, at 16h
Closing: Sunday October 8, at 12h

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room with 1 bed + ensuite bathroom
1800 €
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If you have any questions, we kindly ask you to start by reading the FAQs below, and you can always reach out to us :
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Yes, it’s possible for you to choose a payment plan split in 4 payments over 4 months. Another option is to pay 50% when you register and the other 50% latest 15 days before the retreats starts. Just follow the normal registration process on this page, and once you click the button “book”, these options will be available for you before you proceeding with your payment.

No, this is an exclusive retreat by invitation only. If you are visiting this webpage, chances are that you either came through us (or someone from our community) or through Carmen Vicente.

Yes, you can choose to stay outside the venue. When you book your spot, choose the No Accommodation option. With that option you will be able to participate in the full retreat, including all meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner –  from October 04, Wednesday dinner, to October 08, Sunday lunch.

If for some reason you choose not to stay at Herdade da Cortesia, we leave to your responsability the choice of your own accommodation, as well the necessary arrangements (rent-a-car, taxi, uber) for you to move around.

Here are some nearby suggestions:
– Herdade da Fonte Ferreira +351 936 719 719 | + info
– Casa Azul +351 912 920 785 | + info
– Casa Amarela +351 919 508 786 | + info
– Casa da Moira +351 242 412 059 | + info
– Camping Avis +351 242 094 019 |
– Pensão Residencial Ordem de Avis +351 962 334 002 | +351 242 412 385
– You can also use to find something you like.

After registration, we will send you an email with all the details and guidelines so that you don’t miss anything.

Check-in must be done on Wednesday, October 04, anytime between 12h and 15h30. We will start at 16h.

Herdade da Cortesia is located in Avis, Alentejo – Portugal. You can look for directions at Google Maps > Herdade da Cortesia, Avis.
To arrive to the venue, from Lisbon Airport (LIS) it is an approximate 2-hour trip. Here you have the different options on how to get there:

– Rent-a-car at

– Take a Uber from the airport to Herdade da Cortesia: aprox. 100€

– Book a Private transfer from the airport to Herdade da Cortesia: 170€. For bookings call Herdade da Cortesia + 351 242 410 130

– Take a Uber to Sete Rios bus station, and from there take a bus to Avis. Buses only leave once a day. For bookings and schedules call Rede-Expressos +351 21 75 24 524 or visit . Then from Avis take a Uber, Taxi or arrange a Transfer directly with Herdade da Cortesia + 351 242 410 130. It’s aprox. a 2km ride.

Cancellations received 45 days or more before the start date of the program:
– You will be entitled to a full refund minus a 150€ administrative fee

Cancellations received between 44 days up untill the retreat starts:
– Due to the nature and organisation of this exclusive event, in case of cancellation the payment is non- refundable.

Cancellations received on the starting day of the program or after the program started:
– The payment is non-refundable.

In case of cancellation by Injoy:
– You will be entitled to a full refund

“What is it to go out?
How to recover the rhythm of our existence?
What do we meet for?
For something beyond us.
For the Earth.
To help the renewal of the universe.”

Carmen Vicente