Injoy is about living life with totality and inner joy.


Injoy is about living life with totality and inner joy.

Injoy is about being authentic, it’s about being honest and seeking an inspired version of ourselves unleashing the unlimited capacity of humanity that we are.

We are devoted to our inner growth and creating processes that sparkle authentic happiness in everyone that comes our way.

At Injoy we bring together experiences and wisdom from ancestral practices and traditions and contemporary therapeutic processes. For 14 years we have traveled the globe in search of the most inspirational processes for our own inner growth and ultimately to be able to be here now sharing them with you.

We believe in celebration and journeying deeper within ourselves in joy. This is our mantra. Take a step towards yourself and do it in joy!


Our Mission is to inspire people to live in joy.

Happiness is a human right and we dedicate ourselves totally to support everyone that comes our way to connect with this essence of authentic inner joy.

We are committed to create powerful and innovative personal development processes to empower each individual from within so that they can live their full potential.


Injoy creates experiences that inspire totality in life. We believe life is to be lived at its fullest potential and that this quality of being is possible for every human being. Through meditation and transformational processes we offer the possibility for you to journey towards the most authentic and inspired version of yourself. At Injoy we go all the way.


Our story begins with the inner longing for truth and authenticity of one man that ventured into the unknown seeking for himself. From this great adventure came the vision of sharing the treasure of spiritual awakening with his fellow countrymen and the world.

Injoy was born in 2004. It gave its first steps in Portugal by creating innovative transformational processes that combine meditation and celebration for those that wanted to get more juice out of life.

Through the years, through the teachings of many masters, the gathering of wisdom from ancestral cultures and practices and the teachings of contemporary therapeutic processes and especially through the inner journey and personal experience of this man and woman, Injoy established the foundations for a true spiritual revolution.

This man did not walk alone. He has been supported by a team of special and dedicated people that have shared their time, love and energy to make this dream a reality.

At 13 years of age, Injoy has a solid ground of experience and is expanding and growing wings to fly higher and further in the adventure of sharing the beauty of being alive. We are now a team of Injoyers that have touched thousands of human souls worldwide. We travel the globe as seekers and as teachers.

We can say our story is a happy one. It is a story of truth, of humility, of great visions, of celebration, of happiness, of love, of pleasure, of joy, of totality.


Celebration and Silence. Joy and Depth. Ecstasy and Authenticity. Freedom and Honesty.

Life is about expansion and contraction, breathing in and breathing out, light and dark, ying and yang. Life is the dance of these polarities and at Injoy we dance to this rhythm of life. We are open to whatever manifests and we go with it. We create structures that give you tools to dance the dance of life with authenticity and pleasure.


Our culture is about manifesting true happiness. It is about unleashing human potential. It is about supporting inner growth. It is about journeying alongside you to wherever you need to go to connect with the true essence that you are. It is about being real.

Injoy is the leading human development company in Portugal. We are tenacious and gentle. Daring and humble. Persistent and Joyful. We are seekers of consciousness and truth and we bring these qualities into everything we do.

Our culture of celebration and authenticity is reflected in everything we do.



We dedicate ourselves totally to inspiring lives worldwide.

We offer a wide range of different experiences that create a possibility for you to create transformation in your life and to journey to yourself and your unlimited capacity.

From one-day events to unique ritual experiences, from 3 to 7 day retreats to weekend immersions and individual sessions we share our passion for celebration and meditation as a door to the expansion of the human soul.

Sharing creative and profound methods and techniques we walk alongside you on your path to unleashing your true happiness and joy.


Meditation and Celebration.

First and foremost we share our personal experience. We too are seekers on the path. We are here now. We have been there. We will be there again and again we will be here. With great respect for each human being that is before us we create a safe space for you to dive deep within yourself. We share tools that you can use in your everyday life. We love to celebrate and we bring that juice of life in to every process that we facilitate.

We dance. We laugh. We cry. We are still. We move. We express. We are in silence. We injoy nature. We are within ourselves. We stay present. We are here for you and we love what we do.


The Injoy Team brings together unique and extraordinary human beings that dedicate themselves to their inner journey and come together to support your journey to yourself.


Founder, Therapist & Facilitator


Event Management & Facilitator


Injoyer & Actor/Musician



Head of Communication & Yoga Teacher



Injoyer & Consultant



Costumer Care & Coach



Injoyer & Therapist


Professional Dancer &
Trance Dance Facilitator 



Event Production & Health Coach