A Transformational Weekend



Awakening of Love is a workshop for people who truly want to change something in their lives.

It’s a powerful weekend retreat that gives you an opportunity to…

– Sincerely evaluate where your life is right now.
– Find out how you got to be where you are today.
– Reveal what you need in order to make an inner-shift.

By taking this time out, you give yourself an opportunity to discover what it is you’re truly longing for to make a genuine change and shift in your life.

We have one life. Make every day worth while.

Reawakening MY LIFE
Watch this 2m video done by Rupda

Awakening of Love is a taste of the Path of Love, a 7 day transformational process that happens in many countries around the world. We are grateful to introduce Awakening of Love in Portugal so that this amazing journey of self-discovery also takes place in our country. This is undoubtedly one of the most precious paths we have been walking upon, supported by the Path of Love. – Kalid & Satya

Awakening of Love is a Path of Love based workshop designed to shake the dust of your heart and give you an experience of the Path of Love.

This workshop is about discovering ways to be more authentic and honest with yourself. To reconnect with yourself and others in ways that create trust and joy.

Awakening of Love is for people who truly want change in their lives.

We work with honest, loving self-exposure, supporting you to connect with your authentic self through unique exercises and meditations.

These days will ignite your passion to realize your potential, strengths and value. To learn to live with an open heart. From this place of self-love and trust, life becomes an invitation and a recognition of anything is possible.

“Love will find a way. Indifference will find an excuse.” – Anonymous, Ukraine

Awakening of Love is a workshop for people who truly want to change something in their lives.

To be part of the Awakening of Love is:

  • Where to start? There are no words to describe what we experience in these days. Its sensations, emotions, sharings and experiences that words cannot describe! I came without expectations and sure of one thing: to meet amazing people! I was not wrong! How is it possible there is so much love in each human being?? It is beautiful to see and feel this in each one of us! At AOL it does not matter who we are, what we do or even what our name is… Here we reveal ourselves… we “undress” who we “usually” are… and in the end we all reveal who we really are.. LOVE! I am grateful for this experience! I am grateful for having released all that I released! I am grateful for every experience of a memorable and unforgettable weekend! I am grateful for connecting with so many people and to see myself in them.. I am grateful for the unity of this beautiful family that facilitates these events! The moments we live now are very challenging and turbulent… it is fundamental to keep this unity and understand that we are not alone and that we are a lot more than what we think we are! Love and Gratitude!

    Ana Sofia Rodrigues
  • Awakening of Love is something very special ... with both intense and gentle. A unique opportunity to take out the masks, look at life with authenticity and loveliness, accept ourselves and recognize what we’ve already done and what we are willing to do in order to make our dreams come true.

    Natesh Pedro Figueiredo
  • All processes facilitated by InJoy, Satya and Kalid, have contributed to my spiritual flowering and personal growth. I’ve participated in other experiences with different facilitators and here with InJoy, I found the right space together with some of the ingredients that are essential to me: the trust for a total commitment to the process; absolute confidence in the arms that are supporting the process; the ability to activate what is best in me and clean up what may already be clean; and the safe ground to a path of self-awareness. The Awakening of Love was a remarkable and unforgettable experience of self-discovery. I often say that I return fom InJoy’s retreats with great insights, a huge intensity of AHAH Moments, and with a feeling of fullness by really feeling more truthful to myself. I recommend to all the people that are longing to reconnect with themselves while awakening their own brilliance ... So many times we get lost in the 'normative' assumptions that don´t serve and take us anywhere. The inner quest in not an easy task and at the same time is the only way possible... Even with fear, as I had so often, DARE! And surprise yourself! 😉 Thanks InJoy for opening so many doorways in my path!

    Ana Pina
  • I loved it !! I felt it was a real breakthrough of so many barriers I’ve created throughout my life!! Thank you for everything !!

    Paula Costinha
  • A truly inspiring experience… a new path in the reflection of the old ways, in the external on look of each path and inner discovery. To feel an immense pride in diving into my light and my shadow! A meeting with so many different lives and especially a meeting with myself. The essential! The way of feeling and understanding unconditional love appreciating the light and imperfection in ourselves and in everyone that is part of our history! I never thought it would be so “comfortable” to step out of my comfort zone!

    Francelina Manso

With the intention of inspiring people and companies to manifest their dreams and goals, Kalid generously shares all he has learnt over the years with everyone that crosses his path.

His journey took him to study, learn and practice with excellent therapists all over world that are related to Osho, Meditation, Shamanism, Trance Dance, Firewalking, Healing, Breath Work, Bioenergetics and Emotional Expression. He combines the teachings of ancient rituals with powerful contemporary processes. The retreats he offers are energetic and profound. They can be participated by everyone and open the doors for deep transformations.

“My intention is to share my heart and to guide you on the greatest adventure of your life… the journey towards yourself”

An awakening adventure for those seeking personal and spiritual transformation in their lives.

This is an unique and powerful weekend process designed to re-awaken your passion for truth, love and life itself.

In only a few days you can experience a breakthrough you might have longed for in ages. What you are taking home are many tools that help you deal with every day challenges.

Awakening of Love creates trust, joy and a deep sense of belonging and connection with yourself and the world around you.

Be part of this opportunity to open your heart and celebrate who you are!


Are looking for a change in your life;

Have longing to re-connect with others;

Sense that something is missing in your life but don’t know where to start;

Experience negative and self-destructive patterns and behavior;

Are seeking clarity in your life;

We welcome you to join us on this awakening adventure

Places are limited…




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