Welcome to Injoy. We offer transformational experiences and retreats to inspire you to live your life to the fullest and unleash the best version of yourself.

Injoy is about living life with totality and inner joy. We create and promote life changing processes that set yourself on the path to wellness and improve the health and wellbeing of your body, mind, heart and spirit.

At Injoy we bring together ancient wisdom teachings from different spiritual traditions with modern cutting-edge therapeutic methods. Our retreats and transformational experiences set the ground for healing, personal growth and spiritual awakening and sparkle authentic happiness in everyone that comes our way.

Whether you are a beginner to this realm and are taking your first step, or you have already been walking on this path of self-awareness, Injoy offers a doorway for all levels of experience and desire.

injoy retreats

We dedicate ourselves totally to inspiring lives worldwide.

We offer a wide range of different experiences that create a possibility for you to create transformation in your life and to journey to yourself and your unlimited capacity.

From one-day events to unique ritual experiences, from 3 to 7 day retreats to weekend immersions and individual sessions we share our passion for celebration and meditation as a door to the expansion of the human soul.

Explore the transformational retreats and experiences that Injoy has to offer you and choose the ones that best support you to move forward in this fascinating process of self-discovery and personal development.

injoy corporate

We believe that the success of each person happens when their potential is unleashed.

Based on our solid experience in the area of personal and organisational development, we have created memorable experiences and dynamics that alter patterns of thought and behaviour processes, which encourage the necessary transformation of people, teams and companies so that they can move forward with drive and focus toward their goals.

At Injoy Corporate we have our own style that is based on an innovative methodology. We present unique solutions, taken from ancestral knowledge, combined with contemporary techniques, which have shown to be highly effective. We believe that people are the catalyst for change in organisations.

Injoy Corporate is at your disposal to transform your company and to work with you in creating a unique proposal that can be part of a conference, a congress, a team-building exercise or training session, being tailor-made according to your needs.
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